Rewon is a multidisciplinary artist raised and based in Austin, Texas. She creates surrealist art — images of paradoxes and unlikely pairings, to compel viewers’ amusement and thoughtfulness.

Rewon draws inspiration from her personal identities as a queer woman of color, a daughter of immigrants, as well as her lived experiences —racial discrimination and fetishization, grief and faith deconstruction.

She reimagines a visual reality in which all truth is visually manifested. Her ideology is that the intention and story behind an object or person should be obvious from its appearance. Her surrealism is thoughtfully constructed to reveal inner truths. Borrowing imagery from the church, childhood, and everyday life, she creates an alternate world in which things are exactly what they look like.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University, studying journalism, religion, and studio art. Rewon has exhibited work across Austin galleries: Almost Real Things, Something Cool Studios, RichesArt Gallery, and Originator Studios.

Rewon is a gallery assistant at the Blanton Museum of Art, board member of The Gallery ATX, the Mujer Manifesto Zine coordinator, a Creative Futures Collective fellow, and a 2023 Soho House mentee. Her work can be purchased at her online shop ArtbyRewon on Etsy and a mini storefront at Dear Diary Coffeehouse.


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